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MQ2 + E3

The comprehensive E3 guide can be found here: E3 Guide.



MQ2 is a program that injects itself into the Everquest executable (eqgame.exe) and reads the memory of the client, exposing more information than the player is supposed to have. It's effectively a hack, but has been approved with limited use on a lot of EqEmu servers due to its convenience when boxing more than one character.


The official Macroquest2 Wiki can be found here: If you have a question about E3 you should search through discord to see whether it has already been answered before.

Download / Installation

A few people on Lazarus choose to use Macroquest2, or MQ2, without E3. MQ2 can be found from many different sources, as the program needs to be updated with every Everquest client patch. For this reason, it's important to make sure you have the right version of MQ2 that's compatible with the Lazarus server.

  1. You can download MQ2+E3 here: MQ2+E3 Download. This version of MQ2 comes with a Macro already installed that's very useful for automating boxed clients. That Macro is called E3.
  2. We also recommend you get the updated macros that contain most of the community macros and bug fixes here: On that page, Click Code > Download Zip. Copy the Macros folder and paste them in the E3_ROF2 folder to replace the contents of the old Macros folder. Several of the Macros still need to be enabled per class in the Advanced Settings.ini as described for each of the Community Macros below.

You can put MQ2 anywhere on your device. It does not need to be in the Everquest folder. It is recommended to put MQ2 in the root directory of your hard drive (C:\, F:\, etc.) for permissions reasons. The only issue that can happen is if you put MQ2 in a folder with restricted user permissions (Like Program Files (x86)), it may not function correctly.

Running MQ2

To run MQ2, you need to first start EQBCS.exe, then start Macroquest2.exe, located within your MQ2 folder.

Developer Resources

Manual as one big page:

Searchable wiki:

EQBCs Commands

Community Macros

Already Incorporated In Github

You do not need to add these if you've downloaded from the repo.

Using Ifs - Allows setting conditions in your Character ini for when to use Nukes, such as IsSummoned and IsUndead

Clear XTargets - Automatically kill everything on your XTargets list

Queue Cast - Queues a spell to be cast and retries with backoff times until it succeeds

Auto-Sonata and MelodyIf - Two improvements to Bard utility, automatically cast Selo's Sonata (even while running) and change melodies based on conditions

Auto-Cheetah - Automatically cast group AA Communion of the Cheetah whenever the buff is missing on the Druid (even while running)

Per Character Med Settings - Allows you to individual control bot med settings. Does not apply to bards. Additionally prevents casters from trying to stick while medding.

Mage Grant Spectral Plate in Summon Pet Weapons - makes it so the Packed bag will be unpacked before giving it to a pet

Mage Auto Call of the Hero - lets you automate CotHing your whole group

Gimme Supply - allow your characters to automatically create and trade items, particularly useful for trading Diamond Coins from all your bots

LinkLoot - Quick way to print the contents of a bag to your group/raid/guild

Manastone Toggle - Manually trigger Manastone usage and stop usage at any time

Cross Character Buffs on Pets - Cast buffs/proc buffs on all the pets in your group

Cleric Pet Hammer and Player Hammer - Make your cleric respond to requests for "pet hammer" and "player hammer"

Dual Auras - Auto-cast two aura's on Clr and Enc if the prerequisite AA is bought

Cheap Food - Choose specific food for your toons to eat (save the stat food)

Spammable Spell - Allows recasting Enc Mesmerize to proc Deep Sleep or a Shm slow to proc Languid Bite

XTarget Heals - Allows healing toons that are not a part of your NetBots. For example, other people's tank for raids or your groupmate for mixed groups.

Debuff on all and Off target assist - Debuff on all will use a new "Debuff on All=" set of ini entries to cast debuffs on every mob on the XTarget list; Off target assist will cast a spell on any mob that is not the currently assisted mob.

Auto Forage - automatically forage, feed all your bots. Useful in combination with Gimme Supply to automatically trade food whenever they run out.

Beastlord Auto-Paragon - Focused and Group paragon automatically cast via E3

Bard Dynamo Twist - Twist integrated into E3

Not Incorporated In Github

These have not been incorporated into the repository yet for one reason or another, and need to be added manually.

Auto Manastone and Auto Mana Robe - Automatically uses Manastone/Mana robe whenever nothing else is going on to bring mana up to 50% while HP is above 70%

Proc Buff Weapon Swap - Swaps between a proc buff weapon and a main weapon once the proc buff is on

/Trade /Trades - /trade tells your receiver bot to accept a trade and /trades tells both the receiver and the giver to accept a trade

/lc /rc - /lc = left click target and /rc = /right click target

Other Changes/Additions

These are changes related to MQ2 and/or E3 in some way, but are outside of the scope of the repository.

Auto-Login Script Generator (new!) - CreateLazBatches.bat is an all-in-one team editing and launching utility that utilizes MQ2AutoLogin. Never edit an ini again (okay, maybe not)! Launch any team you define from a single file!

Level and Distance HUD - Heads Up Display for level and distance [Already incorporated in current client download.]

E3 Bug Fixes

Incorporated In Github

You do not need to add these if you've downloaded from the repo.

Targeted AEs Bug Fix

Selo's Kick Bug Fix

Autoloot Bug Fix

Beep on Start -- this fix removes the Throne of Heroes beep on start

Focused Celestial Regen Hot Spam -- this fix makes it so Clerics won't spam Holy Elixir when Focused Celestial Regeneration is on the target

Dismount on Interrupt -- this fix makes it so your bots won't dismount to interrupt a spell, they also won't interrupt their spells so you will get over-nuking and over-healing while mounted

Not Incorporated In Github

These have not been incorporated into the repository yet for one reason or another, and need to be added manually.

Autoloot Guild Spam